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PS4 Controller Yellow Light: What It Means And How To Fix It Quickly?

PS4 Controller Yellow Light
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Because the PS4 Controller will not respond when the Yellow light bug occurs, it is also known as the PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death.

If you need a fix for the PS4 Controller Yellow light problem, then you are in the right place. This blog will explain the meaning of yellow and why your PS4 controller light is yellow.


What Does It Mean?

Yellow lights on a PS4 controller typically indicate that its battery needs charging, which can be especially disruptive during marathon gaming sessions.

But sometimes this indication goes further; sometimes it signals more than simply low battery levels.

Sometimes it indicates that either your USB port or cable for charging the controller is broken and needs replacing immediately if it appears during gameplay.

Troubleshoot your PS4 system and controller if you are experiencing connectivity problems or if the yellow light on either is blinking irregularly.


What Causes The Yellow Light On My Controller To Flash?

Typically, a flashing yellow light on your PS4 controller means the battery is low or there is a connectivity issue. Following is a list of things to examine if your PS4 controller suddenly stops functioning and begins to flash a yellow light:


1. Charger Cable Issue Or Damaged USB Port

If your PS4 controller displays a yellow light while charging, this could indicate that its charging cable has worn down with time and needs replacing.

Get one soon so as to rectify this problem – and possibly solve its yellow light issue as well!

A yellow light will flash if your DualShock controller’s USB cord is damaged or not attached properly when attaching it to a computer, signaling this problem and prompting replacement with a functional USB connector to resolve this matter.


2. Connectivity Problems And Bugs Or Errors In The Software

Multiple signals can cause your controller to malfunction. Particularly Bluetooth is known to produce connectivity issues, making it challenging to utilise your PS4 controller without any hiccups with the console.

The yellow light issue may be brought on temporarily by a software issue with your console or controller. This implies that the yellow light could be the result of a software bug or malfunction.


3. Issues With Battery Charging

Your PS4 controller relies on an internal battery for wireless use, but when its charge runs out or charging fails to take place successfully, this issue may arise.


4. Hardware Failure

Hardware issues may cause the issue with the yellow light. Either the console or the controller itself may be the source of these issues.

The proper operation of the controller may be hampered when certain components malfunction.

Let’s move on to the ways to help you address the yellow light issue now that you have a better knowledge of it. You’ll soon be uninterruptedly playing on your console once more!


How To Fix The PS4 Controller Yellow Light?

Let’s go over the remedies now that you know what the yellow light on your PS4 controller represents. These steps will help you fix your PS4 controller and even avoid the yellow light:


1. Reset The Game Console

If charging your controller doesn’t stop the yellow light, try resetting it next. To do this, locate a tiny hole on the controller’s back near the L2 button.

Push the button into the hole using a paperclip or other tool of the same type. After a little duration of holding it down, release it. As a result, your controller should be reset, and the yellow light should go.


2. Examine The USB Cable

Your USB cable could be damaged if your PS4 controller won’t charge properly or the yellow indicator remains illuminated after charging has been completed.

To see if this resolves itself, connect a new cable or power source directly to the PS4 system and see if that removes the yellow light indicator.


3. Change The Battery

If the yellow light on your PS4 controller persists despite all your attempts at fixing it, replacing its battery might be necessary. You can purchase replacement batteries online and follow a tutorial to do it yourself.


4. Verify Using Another Controller

Try using another PS4 controller if you have access to one to check whether the yellow light issue is still present.

If the second controller charges normally and doesn’t produce a yellow light, the first controller is probably flawed and has to be repaired or replaced.


5. Clean The Charging Port

Dirt and dust may accumulate within your PS4 controller’s charging connector, preventing efficient charging.

For safe results, try gently brushing or wiping down the port with cotton swabs; sharp items or liquid cleaners that could damage its surface should be avoided.

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6. Turn Off Bluetooth On Your Game Controller

This stage requires you to use your PS4 without a controller, therefore you can run into problems. There are, fortunately, methods for controlling your PS4 and turning off Bluetooth on your controller.

Here’s a quick guide to utilizing a separate device to operate your console:

  • Start by USB-connecting a mouse and keyboard to your PS4.
  • On your smartphone, you may also download the official PlayStation app.

The steps listed below can be used to disable Bluetooth on your PS4 controller:

  • Access the PS4’s Settings menu.
  • Select “Devices”.
  • Locate the “Bluetooth” menu by scrolling down and selecting it.
  • Your PS4 controller’s Bluetooth can now be disabled.


7. Update The PS4’s System Software

Sometimes issues with the PS4 system software can negatively impact the performance of your controller.

To address this, check for updates available and install them; upgrading may help resolve yellow light issues with your PS4 controller.


8. Launch The PS4 In Safe Mode

  • First, turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Then, continue holding the power button for an additional 10 seconds until you hear two beeps.
  • Connect your Dualshock 4 to it with a USB cord.
  • Press the PS button on your controller to finish.

Your PS4 won’t start in safe mode if its USB port is broken; even when in safe mode, many have experienced software-related problems as a result of entering it.

If none of the methods above work, there may be something more fundamentally amiss – perhaps your controller has become defective?


9. Press The PS Button Many Times

The PS4 controller yellow light issue may be resolved by resetting the connection between your console and its controller. Any problematic connections between the controller and the console are fixed in this stage.

Here’s how to successfully reset a connection:

  • To shut off your PS4 system, simply press and hold the power button.
  • Reconnect the console’s power cable after removing it first.
  • Until the blue light begins blinking, press and hold the Share and PS buttons on your controller simultaneously.
  • Quickly plug in the controller using the USB cord after turning on your PS4 system.
  • The PS button should be pressed as soon as your system turns on.


10. Contact Customer Service

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods and the yellow light issue still persists, it might be time to contact Sony customer service.

They can offer you options for PS4 controller repairs or replacements, or they can assist you in determining and fixing the issue.




Q.1 What Does the Orange Light on the PS4 Controller Mean?

Different colors are displayed by the Dual Shock Controller for games and faults. The PS4 will go into rest mode when the Blinking Orange light outside of the game blinks.


Q.2 The yellow light on my PS4 controller is on, but can I still use it?

You may still use your PS4 controller even with the yellow light on. However, because the battery is running low, heed the warning that the controller may stop functioning shortly. It is best to recharge your controller as soon as the yellow light displays.


Q.3 Can I turn off the yellow light on the PS4 controller?

The PS4 controller’s yellow light cannot be turned off since it indicates that the device’s battery is running low or that a Bluetooth connection problem is present.


Q.4 My PS4 controller is not charging, yet it is showing a yellow light. Why is that?

A low battery level is indicated by a yellow light on the PS4 controller. Try the following if it’s not charging:

  • Utilize the tiny hole on the back to reset the controller.
  • Change your USB charger or cable.
  • If the battery is outdated, replace it.

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