Raiz Investment Review

Raiz Investment Review 2022: Australians have seen a huge decline in their wealth which has forced them to turn to new ways of making money. According to some researchers, the new generation of Australians may face an imminent recession.

Faced with this situation, Australians have turned to micro-investing because traditional investing can put hard capital at risk; Also, people don’t have enough money to invest in culture.

To cope with all this bad situation, a business tool known as Raiz has been introduced. People are investing in this app to get unlimited money. In this article you will about Raiz investment review.

What Is Raiz?

Raiz Investment is an application, intended for Australians, designed to provide investment opportunities even with small amounts. It was released in February 2016. Raiz shares apps like Uber and Airbnb.

We need to know how Uber works because it allows drivers to connect people who want any type of transportation; As it works, Raiz buys simple bonds between investors in an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

This recovery tool allows its users to invest in a predefined portfolio even with a small amount of $5. Basically, it always collects the money of small money and creates bigger wealth.

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What Is Raiz Portfolio?

Each portfolio contains different proportions of ETFs at different levels of risk. These portfolios are carefully designed to suit and achieve different goals given your risk tolerance and the length of time you intend to stay in the market.

You also have the option to change your portfolio whenever you want without paying any additional fees. This wallet helps to spend Raiz money to get profit.

What Is Raiz Fees?

it is free to create an account on Raiz, it charges some sorts of fees from the users which are as follows:

1. Maintenance Fees

First, Raiz charges you a maintenance fee every time you deposit money into a deposit account. If you opt for a risk wallet or an Emerald wallet, they will charge you a monthly fee of $3.50 if your balance is below $15,000.

On the other hand, the wallet charges a small fee of $4.50 per month if the saved balance is less than $20,000, while investors in the Sapphire wallet will receive a fee of $3.50 regardless their account size. In short, it is a type of Raiz debt.

2. Account Fees

When you trade with Raiz, if you have a balance of more than $15,000 in your account, no monthly insurance fee will be charged, but a small fee of 0.275% per annum will be charged every month. This means, for example, that if you have $20,000 in your account, you will pay $55 per year.

Similarly, the same fee is charged on all other types of wallets. However, if you work with a Sapphire wallet, you will pay a 0.275% account fee in addition to the maintenance fee.

3. ETF Management Fees

You may have noticed in the above paragraphs that Raiz is straight in his fees and charges. Similarly, you should know that ETFs also charge their management fees. So, they charge a total fee of 0.04% per year, which amounts to $20 per year on a balance of $50,000.

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