Royal Baby Names

Royal Baby Names – Ever you think that, whenever you meet somebody Which is not known by you. The first most question that they ask you isWhat’s your name?

So what is the reason behind this question. The answer is that they want a specific name by which they can call you or you can say that it’s your identity.

So, Names plays a very important role In our life. In this post, we also discussing about the baby names which We can choose for our newborn baby on some royal baby names.

So, In this post we take 165+ royal baby names with the meaning so you can choose anyone among these for your baby-

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1. Names Start With ‘A’

  • Adelio: “the father of the noble prince”
  • Alaric: “all-powerful ruler”
  • Amirah: “king/ruler”
  • Ara: “king”
  • Arne: “ruler; strong as an eagle”
  • Arnold: “ruler, strong as an eagle”
  • Arrigo: “estate ruler”
  • Avery: “ruler of the elves”

2. Names Start With ‘B’

  • Balthasar: “God protects the king”
  • Bardrick: “axe-ruler”
  • Belphoebe: “beautiful Diana”
  • Bodi: “God protect the king”
  • Brioc: “mighty prince”
  • Bhairon: “Fear inducing”
  • Brice: “Family name of the famous Scottish King Robert”
  • Beatrice: “she who makes happy”


3. Names Start With ‘D’

  • Daria: “kingly or possess well”
  • Darian: “wealth, kingly”
  • Darius: “weath, kingly”
  • Darya: “kingly or the sea”
  • Delroy: “servant of the king”
  • Derek: “the people’s ruler”
  • Devraj: “ruler of the gods”
  • Dione: “divine queen”
  • Dietrich: “ruler of the people”


4. Names Start With ‘E’

  • Edric: “wealthy ruler”
  • Eero: “eternal ruler”
  • Empress: “Female ruler of an empire, consort of an Emperor”
  • Eric: “eternal ruler”
  • Erica: “eternal ruler”
  • Ericson: “son of the eternal ruler”
  • Etta: “estate ruler”
  • Eulalia: “sweetly speaking”


5. Names Start With ‘F’

  • Federica: “peaceful ruler”
  • Fitzroy: “son of the king”
  • Frederick: “peaceful ruler”
  • Frieda: “peaceful ruler”
  • Fritz: “peaceful ruler”
  • Fritzi: “peaceful ruler”


6. Names Start With ‘G’

  • Gerald: “ruler with the spear”
  • Geraldine: “ruler with the spear”
  • Gormlaith: “blue princess or illustrious lady”
  • Gaurav: “pride, honour and respect”


7. Names Start With ‘H’

  • Halcyon: “kingfisher bird”
  • Hank: “estate ruler”
  • Harold: “army ruler”
  • Harriet: “estate ruler”
  • Harry: “estate ruler”
  • Hattie: “estate ruler”
  • Heinrich: “home of the king”
  • Henrietta: “estate ruler”
  • Henry: “estate ruler”
  • Herrick: “war ruler”
  • Howell: “war ruler”


8. Names Start With ‘I’

  • Iolani: “hawk of royalty”
  • Iphigenia: “of royal birth”
  • Isolde: “ice ruler”


9. Names Start With ‘J’

  • Jovita: ‘joyful’
  • Juno: “queen of the heavens”
  • Jai: ‘Common royal name in the Rajputs’


10. Names Start With ‘K’

  • Kendrick: “royal ruler, champion”
  • Kala: “Virtue; princess”
  • Kenton: “the royal settlement”
  • Khari: “kingly”
  • King: “monarch”
  • Kingsley: “king’s meadow”
  • Kingston: “king’s town”
  • Kinsey: “king’s victory”
  • Kinsley: “king’s meadow”


11. Names Start With ‘L’

  • Ladomir: “famous ruler”
  • Lalia: “speaking well”
  • Landry: “ruler”
  • Laszlo: “glorious ruler”
  • Leofric: “beloved kingdom”
  • Leroy: “the king”
  • Leroy: “the king”
  • Ludlow: “ruler’s hill”


12. Names Start With ‘M’

  • Mael: “chief or prince”
  • Maelie: “Princess”
  • Maelle: “chief or prince”
  • Maelys: “chief or prince”
  • Malik: “king; wave”
  • Malika: “master”
  • Melchior: “city of the king”
  • Meredith: “great ruler”
  • Mira: “admirable; or peace, world; female ruler; and ocean”
  • Morrigan: “phantom queen”


13. Names Start With ‘N’

  • Neila: “locking, closing”
  • Niani
  • Nick: “It’s a greek name form the goddess of victory Nick”


14. Names Start With ‘O’

  • Oluwatobiloba: “God is a great king”
  • Orla: “golden princess”
  • Osric: “divine ruler”
  • Othniel: “Lion of Kings”


15. Names Start With ‘P’

  • Pharaoh: “ruler”
  • Prince: “chief, prince”
  • Princeton: “princely town”
  • Putri: “princess; daughter”


16. Names Start With ‘Q’

  • Quanda: “queen”
  • Queenie: “queen”
  • Quenby: “queen’s settlement”
  • Quinton: “queen’s manor or fith”


17. Names Start With ‘R’

  • Raina: “queen”
  • Rajah: “prince”
  • Rana: “queenly”
  • Rani: “queen; she is singing”
  • Reagan: “little king”
  • Regina: “queen”
  • Regis: “kingly”
  • Regulus: “prince”
  • Reina: “queen”
  • Reine: “queen”
  • Rex: “king”
  • Rey: “king”
  • Rhiannon: “divine queen”
  • Rian: “little king”
  • Ricardo: “dominant ruler”
  • Richard: “dominant ruler”
  • Rico: “dominant ruler”
  • Riona: “queenly”
  • Riordan: “bard, royal poet”
  • Roald: “famous ruler”
  • Roderica: “renowned ruler”
  • Roderick: “famous ruler”
  • Ronald: “ruler’s counselor”
  • Rory: “red king”
  • Ryan: “little king”
  • Ryne: “little king”


18. Names Start With ‘S’

  • Sadie: “princess”
  • Saija: “princess”
  • Saina: “princess”
  • Salla: “princess”
  • Saowanee: “Greetings from the Thai Queen”
  • Sarah: “princess”
  • Sarai: “princess”
  • Sarita
  • Scipio: “staff or walking stick”
  • Semiramis
  • Sera: “princess”
  • Seraiah: “Yahweh is ruler”
  • Sharai: “princess”
  • Shari: “princess”
  • Sigourney: “daring king”
  • Sultan: “ruler”
  • Suresh: “ruler of the gods”
  • Suri: “princess”


19. Names Start With ‘T’

  • Thailah: “Queen”
  • Theoden: “king”
  • Theodoric: “people’s ruler”
  • Thierry: “ruler of the people”
  • Tiana: “fairy queen”
  • Torvald: “Thor’s ruler”
  • Tyreese
  • Tzeitel: “princess”


20. Names Start With ‘V’

  • Vasili: “royal, kingly”
  • Vasilia: “royal, kingly”
  • Vladimir: “renowned prince”


21. Names Start With ‘W’

  • Walda: “ruler”
  • Waldemar: “famous ruler”
  • Walter: “army ruler”


22. Names Start With ‘Z’

  • Zadie: “princess”
  • Zara: “blooming flower; God remembers”
  • Zarouhi: “princess”
  • Zella: “lacking nothing, one who knows the way”
  • Zolten: “Sultan; ruler”

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