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Screen Recorders For PC: Capture Your Gaming Glory

Screen Recorders For PC
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Are you searching the Screen Recorders For PC? Game recording software captures HD gameplay footage for sharing on social media platforms like YouTube or Twitch, saving videos in formats such as MOV, MP4, and GIF for easy sharing with friends or creating captivating content to share with an audience.

Some tools even record live streaming! With these game screen recorders, you can instantly show off your gaming prowess to friends or relive unforgettable gaming memories.

With so many options available it can be challenging to find the ideal recording software; we understand this struggle so have put together this list of top screen recorders for PC gaming that can take your gameplay captures to the next level!


1. Bandicam

Bandicam stands out as an innovative game recording solution, capable of recording videos at breathtaking 4K Ultra HD quality.

With an easy user-friendly interface and seamless uploading straight to YouTube integration, this recording tool makes sharing gameplay experiences seamless and straightforward.


  • Record Gameplay at an extremely rapid speed
  • Compared to other tools, the end video size captured with Acrobat is significantly reduced.
  • Use the Auto-Complete Recording feature for uninterrupted video capture for up to 24 hours of recording, using auto-complete recording as your guide.
  • Gameplay can be recorded in 4K UHD resolution for further analysis and streaming purposes.
  • Record games using any combination of webcam, HDMI connection, and PC screen recording methods.


  • Offering two capture modes, for maximum flexibility.
  • Provides flexibility to resize the capture area to meet various requirements.
  • Support of an extensive variety of codecs and formats increases compatibility.
  • With a built-in compression feature for optimized storage.


  • Price tags associated with using drones may deter some users.
  • Some videos may display a delay that interferes with the viewing experience.


2. Streamlabs

If you are searching for an OBS alternative that’s simple yet powerful, Streamlabs OBS could be an ideal option. It was developed specifically to make its interface user-friendly.

This game screen recorder makes screen recording simple. Packed with features to help stream and record gameplay easily, the program connects easily with Streamlabs for simple upload of recordings to websites such as YouTube.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • The user interface of the system is extremely user-friendly.
  • An H.264 and AAC Encoder streamlines the recording process.
  • Choose from an abundance of scenes and sources available.
  • Supported video output formats include FLV and MP4.
  • GPU-based capture can alleviate strain on your computer resources, providing more room for performance.


  • Users are eligible for our service free of charge, eliminating cost barriers.
  • Include a range of plugins to enhance user experience.
  • Step-by-step setup process ensuring ease of use.
  • Cloud storage offers convenient accessibility.


  • Increased risk of collision when used alongside multiple add-ons.
  • OBS provides more encoding choices.
  • Multistream functionality is limited to premium users and may restrict free users.


3. VideoProc

With VideoProc, you get both screen recording and web recording software all-in-one platform.

Ideal for recording gameplay, creating vlogs, live streaming meetings, podcasting, or hosting podcasts as well as directly recording picture-in-picture and green screen videos, VideoProc provides all-around performance for creating quality recordings in any situation.


  • Record Voiceover from Webcam
  • Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Green Screen Recording
  • Edit screen recording in real-time


  • All-in-one solution
  • Ease of use
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Wide format support
  • Free trial


  • No social media integration
  • Limited editing features
  • Free trial limitations
  • Limited customer support
  • Cost


4. Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a hardware monitoring application that also serves to record gameplay footage.

Thanks to its main function of monitoring hardware components, MSI Afterburner allows high-quality videos without greatly disrupting program operations.

Recording at high settings has no adverse impact on computer resources; plus it’s completely free and compatible with mid-tier machines that may not have lots of free resources to spare.


  • Your computer’s performance will not be negatively impacted.
  • Customize settings including bit rate, resolution, and frame rate to your needs.
  • Create profiles with specific settings by creating profiles with customizable features.
  • Supports both screen capture and gameplay capture capabilities
  • Record both system sounds and microphone audio.


  • GPU acceleration provides optimized performance.
  • Real-time hardware monitoring provides valuable system insights.
  • Video capture and live streaming capabilities.
  • Customizable overlay for in-game statistics


  • Primarily tailored to gamers, with limited usage beyond gaming.
  • Users new to performance tuning tools typically experience a steep learning curve.


5. Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar, a versatile app designed specifically for gamers, provides an effortless way to record and share gaming moments.

Capable of recording up to two hours of gameplay at once, its intuitive user interface simplifies creating clips to display skills or memorable experiences, making it a favorite tool among gaming enthusiasts.


  • The Xbox Game Bar features simple shortcut key integration for quick navigation.
  • Experience hassle-free screen recording with just a single-click mouse operation.
  • Customize your recording experience by configuring options to set clip duration limits, manage background recording intervals, and manage other settings.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind, the Xbox Game Bar boasts an easy user interface.
  • Exclusively compatible with Windows operating systems, for seamless integration.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • No Cost of Use
  • Modifiable User Interface
  • Real-time CPU Utilisation Chart
  • Integration of Spotify


  • Not Able to Record the Entire Screen
  • Not in PIP Mode
  • Apps Like File Explorer and Maps Cannot Be Recorded

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