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Guest Posting Guidelines

You can post your guest post on our High DA guest posting site by sending us your content, on the website. Make your business visible to the global world as well as to improve your search engine ranking. Guest Posting with DoFollow hyperlink but you should follow these rules before your post submission:

Content Uniqueness:

Your content should be 100% unique, handwritten and not copied from the web.  if your content will be plagiarized we will reject your post and can not be approved.


your content length should be at least 600+ words to get approved on ITS MY POST Guest Posting Site otherwise it will be rejected by our admin.

What You’ll Need To Know Before Sent Us Content

1. Poorly written articles will be rejected.

2. The article must be at least 700+ words.

3. Use a single link for your site and 2 link for high authority sites.

Things To Keep In Mind

1. Article should be never published any where else our blog.

2. Images should be of high quality and done in natural lighting whenever possible.

3. Products you are targeting should not be adult value. It is our goal to help feed and develop family content.

Important point is all material sent to us should be your own original work.

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