Termite Damage

Termite Damage – In the past, farmers said, that termites were their friends as termites help them on growing their crops better. As termites can break down detritus to add nutrients to the soil.

As the specialty of breaking down – the wooden things, detritus, and much more substances. Termites became a headache for us nowadays. Termites can cause serious damage to homes.

In this article, we are mainly focusing on – How to protect your home from termites. We mention some causes which grew termites and also explain some precautions

What are the signs of Termite Damage?

signs of Termite Damage

Most of the time we do not replace furniture at our home, or won’t shift their places for a long time. In this case, In this case, Drywood termites can build their colonies within our wooden furniture and they start to eat them.

Drywood termite infestations may only become apparent after a colony has burrowed so deeply into an infested item that the veneer cracks and the maze-like tunnels beneath become visible.

Once, these termites attack on your old furniture and things after that they start attacking on your new furniture, floors, or walls of your house.



Here we discovered few main reasons, that can cause termites at your house.

1. Improper Cleaning

Improper cleaning of your house is the main reason for the development of termites at your home.

Sometimes we don’t clean the corners or the backside of our furniture. So we give chance termites to make their colony that has burrowed so deeply into an infested item that the veneer cracks and the maze-like tunnels beneath become visible.


2. Not Shifting Your Furniture

This is also a reason that termites can harm your furniture. If we don’t shift our house furniture for a long time termites may develop on them slowly.

Termites that have been nesting in your home for years can cause thousands of dollars in damage. This type of damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.


3. Locality of Your House

If your house is localized near farms or ponds like places where moisture is always present. That’s one of the reasons for creating termites. Because it’s easy to develop these types of insects in the wooden things in moisture.



Every year, it is estimated that more than $5 billion of property is damaged by termites. So, Protecting your home before signs of termites arise is one of the best ways to save money and keep your family safe when it comes to these destructive insects.

  • Keep proper cleaning of your house daily.
  • Proper inspection of your furniture, roofs, walls and check every corner or suspicious area’s of your house.
  • If you feel that termites are developing in your house use termite controllers or you can use kerosene oil.
  • kerosene oil is used as a termites controller and you can also burn a fire in the affected areas of termites like – roofs, doors, windows, wooden furniture, and walls, etc.

Termites only need one small crack to get inside, and if you miss even one the problem may persist. For more such interesting articles you may click on this.

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