The Fundamentals of PRINCE2 Foundation Project Management

The management of a project in its various components is based on the four WHY’s.  Understanding the fundamentals of a project management role in a company can increase your reach within the company and lead to a bigger role in the future. As you can find on a PRINCE2 Foundation training Certification uk

1. The First is WHY

There are so many projects that are struggling to find their place in the business.  Our team looks at these projects to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.  If a project has a truly unique strength or weakness, I would say it is worth looking into. Most of our projects are geared towards two absolute different vertical markets and by looking at those markets and developing others, we can drive growth within our businesses.


2. The Second is HOW

This relates to identifying targets/goals/objectives of what resources are required.  Once you understand why a project offers growth and why it faces a potential shrunk objection, you need to define the desired resources in terms a project manager can understand and put in place a strategy for how to use those resources in order to achieve the project goals.


3. The Third is WHY NOT, WHY

Does a project get funded?  The goal is to ensure that any activity we undertake aligns with our company’s strategies and business goals, it follows that any activity we have no control over, no matter how “helpful” or reputable, is in most cases pointless and unapproved.


4. The Fourth is WHY NOT

once your company is clear, you can then pre-plan how you are going to get any money back, simply understanding what your IT department provides and what the benefits to our customers are, the­ not about how to do IT support yourself.


To Remember Other Important Aspects:

  • Project managers need to identify what the benefits are to the customer, what the benefits are to the employees, and what the benefits are to the company.
  • The end-user is a heavily financially focused organization; you are going to have to demonstrate in numbers why your project will lead to customer satisfaction re­creased sales and/or lower operating costs.
  • A primary goal is to ensure that your operations do not hinder your operations or impact your staff. If your operations cut into the Call Home60/70% of the time, you are mis­communicating to them how your operations can jeopardize the core business operation.
  • Good project managers have a passion for what they do. I am not talking about passion for just knowing the ins and outs of your product, it’s passion for knowing why it’s better and more effective and is going to provide a bigger return on investment of your time.
  • An important aspect to ensure that your operations and projects are aligned is through visibility.  Make sure the team is on the same page.  Make sure they are all agreeing on the end state save for what resources are allocated and are the final goals met.


Wrapping Up:

All four-part drivers are going to help your team, however, sufficient attention should always be directed to your customers.  Too many logistics, IT departments, project managers, and projects lose sight of these essential business objectives in the name of development.  Trust me the demands of my clients is awesome and I wouldn’t wish to letter kills all of the time, but I know them and I know that if you’re in the car with me this is your world.

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