Gadgets To Pamper Your Cat

Cats have been adored for many years, dating back to ancient Egypt. They love to play, stalk their surroundings, and show affection in their unique ways. In fact, they share similar personality traits with humans, such as being outgoing, laid-back, and affectionate.

Your furry member is your closest companion, so they deserve to be pampered every now and then. You can surprise them by gifting them with cool gadgets they’ll love. There are various products and gadgets on the market to choose from. They’re mostly designed to keep your feline friend entertained.

Giving your cat some gifts will be one of those beautiful bonding moments you’ll cherish. Your four-legged companion will feel even more loved and happy.

Here’s a list of gadgets that are popular among cat lovers:

1. Self-Heating Cat Bed

Gadgets To Pamper Your Cat

You can get a comfortable self-heating bed, like the Cat Bed from PineTales, which your cat will want to use, especially if winter is approaching soon. A heated bed will keep your cat warm on cold days. What’s even more great about it is that you don’t need electricity to use it because it reflects the cat’s body heat to your pet, warming them.

If your cat likes to sleep completely curled up, then they’ll look forward to snuggling in bed because of how soft it is. The bed is made of faux lamb’s wool plush and stuffed with padding that will make your feline friend sleep more deeply and comfortably.


2. Personal Water Fountain

Cats aren’t usually fond of drinking water from a dish, so a water fountain will come in handy. Besides, ensuring your cat has access to fresh drinking water is important for their general well-being. A water fountain will aid and benefit their kidney function and be a nice addition to their meals. It’ll also protect them from urinary infection.

Many different feline water fountains for sale range from silent fountains to more elaborate designs with various styles and colors. Your cat will certainly enjoy lapping up clean, fresh running water once you get them their own water fountain.


3. Interactive Toy

This is a wonderful gift for cats who love to spend a lot of time indoors. There are different types of toys for sale, including bouncy balls, fake mice, and dancing light gadgets. Each toy is engaging and useful for training new or rescued cats.

According to vets, cat toys are beneficial, as they help your cat stay fit and prevent any future chronic issues, like diabetes or heart problems.


4. Cat Flap

Cat doors are great for feline friends who love to explore their surroundings and move freely. With a cat door, your furry member will be delighted to have the freedom to come and go as they please, regardless of the time of the day.

Some cats are naturally independent, so a cat door will complement their life greatly. You’ll find different types of cat doors on the market. With the advancement of technology, some of them have digital features, like locking and unlocking from an app on your phone.


5. New Litter Box

Litter boxes come in several different designs. For instance, some are pre-installed with built-in features, such as dustpans and scoops. Other litterboxes are made of high-quality plastic, making them easier to clean. There are even litterboxes that have grooves in their design so that your cat can clean their paws and maintain proper hygiene.

The following are some types of litter boxes you can consider for your feline member:

  • Open litter boxes – Simple in design, they’re large and built without cover.
  • Covered litter boxes – They’re like open litter boxes, except they come with a lid. Some of them are stylish with swinging doors and domes.
  • Sifting litter boxes – They feature a grate at the bottom that’s placed inside a separate container, which makes cleaning easier.
  • Top-entry litter boxes – They’re ideal for those who have trouble with flying litter and litter tracking. They’re equipped with a tall cover that has a hole on the top for entry and exit.
  • Corner litter boxes – Like open litter boxes, they’re simple and shaped with a 90-degree angle, which allows you to save space.
  • High-sided litter boxes – They have high walls that prevent litter from tipping over.
  • Designer litter boxes – They’re perfect for matching with your home’s décor since they don’t look like litter boxes. Their litter pan is hidden within a plant, an end table, or a bench. No one would be able to tell they’re actually a litter box when they see it in your living room.


6. Window Seat Perch

Gadgets To Pamper Your Cat

This is another tool that’s great for indoor cats. It treats them to wonderful, panoramic views of the outdoors. You can use it to offer some entertainment to your pet’s day as they unwind, watching the neighborhood.

As you shop around for a window seat perch, you’ll stumble on many design and installation options, including a window sill seat, a penthouse window perch, and a multi-cat window perch. If your feline friend likes resting on a window sill, you can give them a window sill seat, which widens and softens the space.
On the other hand, a penthouse window perch is perfect if you’re going for something high-end. It’s designed

with an upper section (also known as the rooftop patio) for sunbathing and a lower section with mesh windows and entry holes.

A multi-cat window perch is ideal for those who have more than one cat. It’s a double-decker with a couple of stacked seats, so each feline member has their own space. It has a hole too for letting them access the top bunk without the need to leap.


7. Brush For Shedding

Brushes are specifically designed for cats with longer hair. They’re available in creative designs, with some having double-sided bristles or quality materials.

Cats can groom themselves, but you can brush them during shedding season. Brushing them will not only strengthen the bond between the two of you but will also decrease the number of hairballs in your place and how much hair is shed.

To properly groom them, you need to make sure you feel comfortable and move slowly while brushing, so they’re relaxed too. You can start on areas where your cat enjoys being petted. Offer a treat during the grooming session to give them five-star pampering.


8. Raised Cat Feeder

Raised cat feeders have become popular among cat owners. Each cat has their own distinct personality, characteristics, and preferences, so you’ll have to consider all these when picking a gadget.

To pick the best-raised feeder, take the size of your cat into account, as well as their age and stature. These factors will help you determine the right size of the feeder and how shallow the dish should be.


9. Cute Cat Tunnel

If you have a kitten, playtime is an important aspect of their day. Young cats are usually so full of energy and require constant stimulation. Thus, a cat tunnel is the perfect gift to keep your adorable pet entertained for long periods. They’ll be able to play hide and seek and learn some hunting techniques. What’s more, they can play with other toys in their tunnel.

Indoor cats will love the tunnel because they can get physically fit without going outside. If your cat is in the zone for a good nap, they can easily take one in their tunnel. If you have multiple cats, they’ll love playing together in the tunnel.

In case you’re on the market for a cat tunnel that also works as a cat house, then you’re in luck, as you’ll come across some at stores.


10. Mobile Cat Bed

If you love having your cat with you while running errands, a mobile cat bed is a great product for them. It’s an effective way for your feline best friend to relax and discover new locations without walking anywhere. You can train them beforehand by placing the mobile cat bed near their regular cat bed so that they can get used to it. You can even put it in spaces that you and your cat hang out together for some bonding time.

Cat beds include features like temperature control. This feature will keep your cat snug during cold seasons. Other cat beds boast motion control, which secures your pet in the car, so they’re suitable for cats that get motion sickness easily.

In short, mobile cat beds allow nervous cats to feel more relaxed when they’re in new environments and make a lovely gift for any curious pet.


11. Multi-Functional Cat Home

A cat house outside is a wise choice for you if you have a feline member that likes to play outside. It can keep your cat warm and dry as they play during winter. It should be waterproof and have enough room for your cat to walk about freely and stretch.

Easy cleaning options are available for pet owners who don’t have enough time to do a deep clean. You can get a cat house with an automated heating option, so your furry member will be warm when the weather gets cold. However, this heated option is usually found in cat houses meant to be kept indoors since they have to be plugged in.


12. Cat Scratcher

Cats need to scratch because they have scent glands under their paws. In addition, scratching lets them mark their territory by leaving their scent on locations or objects. It’s a good grooming activity too that allows them to remove the outer layer of their nails.

Hence, a cat scratcher is a remarkable product for cats who love to scratch themselves. It gives them a healthy option to redirect their energy and natural tendencies.

You can purchase scratching posts with features like hanging ornaments and toys.


13. Treat Dispenser

If you’re still training your cat or want them to be more active, then a treat dispenser will be a brilliant addition to your home. Various treat dispensers are designed to stimulate and entertain your cat. In turn, your cat stays active and alert at all times.

A dispenser can also help prevent boredom for cats that tend to be lazy, as they get rewarded with treats every time they interact with it. On top of that, it can reduce separation anxiety. Some dispensers are even automated to release treats at regular intervals and designed to let you control them with smart technology.


14. Automatic Cat Feeder

Since cats love to eat food, they’ll alert all household members when they’re hungry. If you’re planning to go away for a bit and leave your four-legged friend to a close friend, then you should buy an automatic feeder. This will ensure that your cat’s feeding schedule isn’t disrupted.

Some feeders are specifically designed for cats that enjoy wet food or dry food while others come with programmable features that can be controlled with your phone or a device. You can get one that’s dishwasher safe as well.


15. Cat Hammock

Cat hammocks are perfect for cats that love to survey their surroundings while relaxing comfortably during their downtime. You can place the hammock a bit close to furniture or window sills to give your cat some help when they need to climb into the hammock.

Hammocks are made of different materials, such as denim and various recyclable products.


16. Chewable Toy

Chewable toys aid your cat in cleaning their teeth and provide them with mental stimulation when they’re bored. Furthermore, they ensure that your cat doesn’t gnaw at furniture and redirect your pet’s energy to them.

Some chew toys come with additions where you can add catnip. If you have a teething kitten, this will be a lovely gift for them.

You can get chewable toys that are easy to clean and designed with various shapes, styles, and colors. For instance, some are shaped like fruits and mice. Others even produce sounds that can stimulate your furry member while they’re playing. You can always swap one with silent options if you find the noise distracting.



You can buy your feline friend so many cute toys and gadgets. And with the advancement of technology, you’ll be able to control these tools according to your pet’s needs.

Playing will help your cat learn useful skills, such as stalking and trapping their prey, and stay healthy and happy. So, treat your cat with cool gadgets they’ll appreciate.

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