Type of Industrial Soundproof Curtains

To keep noise levels at OSHA-safe levels, industrial soundproof curtains are made of Sound Absorbing or Sound Dampening Materials.

These quilted sound curtains offer sound reduction up to a Transmission Class of STC 33. Sound Shield Noise Control Curtains can be used to create Acoustic Enclosures and/or divide rooms to absorb or block sound.

Sound Shield Curtains have an exterior layer of quilted fiberglass and an interior layer with mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), to reduce excessive noise.

In this post, we are discussing which type of industrial soundproof curtains you should buy.

Best Type of Industrial Soundproof Curtains:

1. Kinetics KNC noise control curtain

Kinetics KNC noise control curtain

Kinetics KNC noise curtain systems comprise modular made of reinforced mass vinyl or quilted fiberglass and vinyl barriers and absorber composites that are designed to block noise or to serve as a barrier that can be moved between quiet and noisy zones.

Area of Use:

  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Plant and Facility Dividers
  • Temporary Construction Areas
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Generators
  • Blowers
  • Chillers
  • Punch Presses
  • Granulators
  • Construction Sites
  • Pile Driver Applications
  • Facility Shipping/Receiving Docks
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Process Machinery
  • In-plant Offices

Commonly used applications are found in commercial and industrial establishments. OEM customers integrate acoustical curtains into their systems in roll form, die-cut, or custom-designed system designs.

Curtain systems can be utilized as a part-time barrier or as a complete enclosure for sources of noise. They are much more adaptable and less expensive than rigid panels.
Acoustic curtain systems are made to be used for noise reduction of as high as 25 dBA based on the source of noise’s sound spectrum shape (low middle, high frequency, or a mixture of).


  • Many designs suit the requirements of every single application.
  • Each system is designed by the Kinetics engineering team to provide the best noise reduction and structural stability, and economics.
  • Each system is designed to allow simple installation, relocation, and alteration.
  • Systems come with a specific project, AutoCAD submittals, details, and pieces-marked installation drawings.
  • Products are ASTM E84 compliant. Fire rating Class A.
  • Exhibits extremely long service life.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and oil.
  • Easy to clean.


2. Outdoor Sound Curtains


Kinetics sound curtains outdoor are attenuating acoustic blankets as well as blanket/barrier combinations that lessen reverberation (reflected) and block airborne, transmitted noise.

An affordable solution for limiting outside noise. These quilted materials can endure a wide range of temperatures as well as be cleaned. They are in no way affected by humidity, humidity dust, dirt, chemical, or oil.

Area of Use:

  • Chillers
  • Compressors
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Pumps
  • Construction Site Noise


Outside Sound Curtains are utilized in outdoor settings where low-frequency noise absorption and sound block are needed.

They serve two reasons:

A. Permanent and Long-term Applications

KBC-ENV sound absorbers and KFA-ENV sound absorber/barrier composites have UV, tear, flame and rot-resistant, and will not be damaged, and have a strong tensile strengths that provide long service life.

B. Temporary and Short-term Application

KFA noise absorbers, as well as KBC sound absorber/barrier composites, provide low-cost solutions for noise in the outdoor environment. They are designed for use in temporary situations.


3. Sound Curtain Process Enclosure

A manufacturer of windows and doors for residential, commercial, and industrial building systems.


  • Kinetics KNC sound curtain panels introduced the needed attenuation, were cost-effective with performance backed by independent sound tests per applicable ASTM standards.
  • Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. recognized manufacture of noise control products and services supplied all necessary products.


Uses of Industrial Sound Curtains?

Soundproof warehouses, industrial machinery, auditoriums, and other areas are all possible with the Sound Curtains. The Sound Curtains make workplace speech understandable and can also prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Sound Shield Curtain Common Applications:

  • In-plant noise control curtain dividers
  • Soundproof curtains & enclosures
  • Acoustical curtain dividers
  • Heavy Machine enclosures
  • Compressor & blower housing
  • Flexible doorways
  • Drive-thru doors
  • Stamping press enclosures
  • Noise reverberation control
  • Temporary construction noise barriers
  • Soundproofing wall panels & partitions
  • Fan enclosures
  • Grinder/compactor noise control
  • Flexible Room Dividers

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