Ways To Fix if Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post

Ways To Fix if Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post: Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms that allow users to share photos and videos. It’s an accepted practice today, where almost everyone is using an Instagram app installed on their phones.

As a well-known social media platform, the developers are eager to update the application regularly. But, it’s not the best platform to utilize without problems every day. Even with all the upgrades and fixes offered by developers, sometimes you might encounter issues for instance, not being able post photos and videos to your account.

One of the issues is that the app blocks you from uploading pictures. Perhaps you’re thinking, what the reason is Instagram won’t allow me to upload my photos? There could be a variety of reasons to this issue, however the solutions are largely identical to other major problems that are related to Instagram.

As I mentioned, it’s always essential to determine the root of the issue. It’s hard to fix this issue if you are unable to determine the root cause. If you can , then you’ll be able to find the solution that is right for you and keep posting on Instagram.

The issue can create anxiety, however this article was created to assist in finding the best solution. When you understand how to resolve this Instagram preventing posting videos and photos problem this task becomes much simpler in the future.


What’s the reason Instagram isn’t allowing me to upload videos or photos?

A common reason why people are finding it difficult upload images on Instagram is that something may have been wrong in an Instagram apps cache memory. If Instagram isn’t allowing you to upload photos, you could try changing the settings on Instagram or clearing the app cache or even taking a picture of the image to upload it again.

In addition to the issue with cache memory There could be some other factors that are typical with regard to uploading problems on Instagram.

  1. An unreliable internet connection could hinder you from posting images and videos on Instagram.
  2. Instagram may fail to detect the type of image or video you’re seeking to share.
  3. The contents of your image or video could be in violation of the rules of Instagram or you’ve failed to give credit to the person who created the video or image.
  4. Your Instagram account may be temporarily disabled, blocked or blocked from posting activities.
  5. If you aren’t able to post photos or videos to your gallery, you’ll should make sure that Instagram is able to access your device’s storage
  6. You have included more than 30 #hashtags in one post.
  7. You may be trying to upload a picture that’s over the size limit that Instagram has set. Instagram.
  8. It could be the highest aspect ratio that is crossed by the image you upload.
  9. If you’re unable to upload a long video, here is the limitations Instagram has established: 60 second video clip for posts and 15 minutes video clip for IGTV uploads via mobile applications and 60 minutes for IGTV uploads via computer, and a 15 second videos for Instagram stories.

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What’s the reason Instagram Can’t Allow Me to Post Multiple Photos or Videos?

In this situation the first step you must do is check the Background Refresh settings. If you happen to notice that the background refresh setting is disabled for Instagram, the uploading process might stop or cease instantly in the event that you switch to another application while uploading is carried out.

The second issue may be that, not always but in some cases, Instagram may block your account temporarily due to the spamming problem when you upload many videos and multiple photos often. This ban can last for a short period of time or an hour , but in the near future you’ll be able upload videos and photos again.

Also, ensure that the format of your photos and videos is aligned to Instagram’s formats that are supported to ensure that there are no errors when uploading.


What’s wrong with Instagram? Instagram Will Not Allow Me to Post Stories?

There are two approaches you should consider this. If you’re sharing story or posts on other accounts, make sure that the third party account is open to public. Instagram won’t allow you to share stories that are derived from private accounts. To share stories you have created using a public account, you need to have included a tag in the story.

You may experience issues writing stories if you’re using the internet with a slow connection. The stories that are stuck won’t allow the user to edit or remove them, therefore if you’re located in an area that has poor internet connectivity, connect to a more speedy WiFi network or switching to a different network If you have one!

Now is the time to discuss five easy solutions to test when you find that the Instagram app suddenly blocks users from posting.


What’s the reason Instagram Can’t Allow Me to Post Musik on Stories?

If you are unable to post music to Insta stories, then either you’ve not updated your Instagram application or it could be due to the fact that your country doesn’t have access to Insta music feature. It is possible to use the assistance of VPN VPN in this instance.


What’s the reason Instagram isn’t letting me edit Posts?

Previous versions were plagued by an issue that stopped people from editing posts. This bug has been fixed in the most recent versions, and if you run into issues, be sure to make sure to update your application to the most recent version.

Also pay attention to your Internet connection to see if this is the reason for why your edits aren’t being changed.

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What’s the reason Instagram isn’t allowing me to post Comments?

The main reasons that Instagram not allowing you to post comments include:

  1. Poor/No internet connection.
  2. Insta isn’t working anymore, it’s not common but not impossible.
  3. You’ve mentioned more than five people in one comment.
  4. You’ve posted multiple and redundant comments (this includes emoticons).
  5. You’re not engaging enough with comments and likes.
  6. You have been blocked by the individual who controls the account that you’re trying to make a comment on. comments on.
  7. You’re trying to make a spam your comment on several major accounts.
  8. You’ve used the word “banning” by Instagram.

Noteworthy In the event that you see the message “Instagram will automatically post when it is possible” It could mean that your device is experiencing issues with your internet connection, which stops Instagram from uploading content to their servers. Check that you’re been connected to a reliable network and then try to upload the video or photo.

Now you understand the reason and you may have discovered the one that is causing problems with posting videos and photos on Instagram. The next step is to resolve this issue, these are the suggestions you need to consider using the hierarchy.

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Ways To Fix if Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post:

1. Restart your device

The first and most straightforward solution is to restart your phone. A simple reboot can resolve problems with software temporarily and can solve Instagram’s problem with posting.

If you are using Android Press on the power button till you see the option to reboot. Press the restart button. Based on the phone model, the procedure may be different.

On iOS hold and press the power button as well as the home button till the Apple logo shows up on your screen. On iPhone 11, and 12 iPhone 11, and 12, press one on the volume key or power buttons for around 3 seconds, until the screen goes dark and then the Apple logo appears.


2. Reduce the size of your file

If you’re trying upload videos or images which are directly imported from your camera of high-quality, you may encounter an issue uploading. We don’t usually set an the Instagram file size limit, however you must know what the ideal dimensions and aspect ratio before uploading your high-quality photo or video.

Uploading files of the 4K and UHD quality will take longer to upload , but sometimes they don’t upload or because they are too big in size or not able maintain the stream running due to some reason.

To resolve this issue, Instagram cannot allow me to post problems, be sure to reduce the size of your file prior to uploading it. I’ve included a few details about the ideal sizes first published by Adobe.

#1. Size of Instagram posts

  • Posts are available in square, landscape or even vertical.
  • The ideal dimension for post squares is 1080 pixels x 1080px with an aspect ratio of 1:1..
  • For posts that are landscape, the ideal dimensions are 1080px x 566px and the aspect ratio being 1.91:1.
  • Vertical photos should be formatted at 1080px x 1350px using an aspect ratio of 4:5.

#2. Instagram video post size.

  • Video’s aspect ratio could be anything from 1.91:1 to a 4:5.
  • The Theideal horizontal aspect ratio for video is 16:9 .
  • Be sure that the video aren’t larger than 4GB. .
  • The maximum length of video can be as long as 60 seconds.

3. Make sure to reset the Network Connection

We have already discussed that one of the primary reasons why Instagram refusing to allow you to upload videos and photos is an insecure or weak network.

If that’s the case, you need to try refreshing your network connection. You can either put your device in flight mode, or switch your network’s status Off and on Then, check if this fixes then check if this solves the issue. If you’re using a router, ensure that your router is in use. You must ensure that your device can connect to the internet via the router.

If you’re making use of Instagram on your computer while linked to your router be sure that the connection between your router and your PC is solid and stable. One of the main issues that routers face is the incorrect PSK to detect networks SSID problem.

If you’re calling just like I did Follow these steps:

  • Verify your phone’s internet connection is active, if it’s not, disable it.
  • If the connection is activated, click in the Flight Mode, hold for a few seconds and then disable this mode. The system will flush and then start the connection.
  • If you’re using WiFi Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi.
  • You can also shut off your data, then switch it back on.

After all is finished After that, you can upload photos or videos to Instagram once more.


4. Clear the cache memory of Instagram

Most of the time, when users flush the application’s cache memory, Instagram the problems appear to be solved. During running time it is believed that the Instagram app creates caches in your smartphone.

The cache memory stores information about your account from earlier entries. Cache memory could hinder apps from performing an activity regularly. This is a possible reason why you aren’t able to post images or videos on Instagram.

To clear the Instagram cache, you must access the app manager, or directly access the Instagram app settings for storage.

The steps to clear cache memory on Android as well as iOS device are different , but they’re easy. Follow the steps to delete the cache memory on every type of device.

How do I get rid of Instagram Cache on Android?


  1. Go to the settings of your phone > then select the App settings.
  2. Search for Instagram in the list of apps and then tap on it.
  3. Select ” Storage” and then click ” Clear Cache“.


How do I clear the Instagram cache on iOS?

  1. Navigate to ” Settings” and then click ” General
  2. Click ” iPhone storage” within the General.
  3. Look for Instagram in the list, then tap it.
  4. Simply click on ” Offload App” to remove your Instagram cache.
  5. It is also possible to tap”delete app” or the “delete application” option to delete permanently Instagram’s data. You can before reinstalling the app with new data.
tutorial: how to fix Instagram doesn’t let me post

After clearing your application cache and rechecking your Instagram account, you should be able to upload videos or photos on Instagram. If you’re not able to post, move on through the steps.


5. Make sure you read Instagram’s photo/video policy

Instagram has strict guidelines on the kind of images you are allowed to upload. Instagram has powerful robots that are able to quickly recognize any photo or video that violates their guidelines..

If your photo or video is in violation of their rules, Instagram will not permit you to upload the image or video.

In another instance, in the event that you share an item that you don’t own, you must acknowledge the source of the article, or copyright issues can stop you from posting these images or images.

Make sure that your videos are in line with the policy of the company and don’t be in violation of copyright rights.


6. Change the Instagram Settings for Your Data

Instagram offers settings to save data which prevent users from posting multiple posts at once. To protect your data on the internet Instagram blocks certain of the bulk uploading options.

If you’re not able to upload photos on Instagram it is an opportunity you have a data saver that has been activated. Although it does not have anything to do with have anything to do with uploading single files but you should still take a look at the possibility.

You can turn off Instagram’s data saver. To disable the Instagram data saver in the settings for mobile data within your account. Follow the steps listed below to increase the data usage limit.

  • Log into your Instagram Profile and then click ” settings“.
  • Go to ” Accounts” within the settings.
  • Locate your ” Mobile data usage” setting.
  • Disable”Data Saver. ” Data saver” option.

7. Make use of the Storage Space on Your Phone

If the storage space on your phone is full, then you might be faced with this problem. Instagram attempts to save uploaded images and videos into the local memory (based on the Save uploaded photos settings).

If the app saves the original media, saves uploaded videos, as well as saves uploaded images on your device, the space must be cleared for these photos or videos you want to save. If your memory on your device is full, you might not be able to upload an image as the app will be unable to finish its saving.

You can remove or disable the “save post media” option or clear certain space within your mobile. You can find these options in the settings of your app account under Original Post.


  • Visit the Instagram the app Settings.
  • Click onto to the accounts.
  • Tap on the the original post’s settings.
  • Verify for the condition of three choices There are three options to check the status of.
  • Make sure you disable the saving of videos that have been posted and save photos that have been posted.


The other option is to fix this problem by removing a certain content from the phone’s memory.

Remove any unnecessary apps and data from your smartphone and Instagram is able save your posted images and videos. Once you’ve done that, you’ll not encounter the issue of upload failing issue.

8. Uninstall apps that have access your Instagram account

Certain apps that you install on your phone could be able to access the Instagram account. If you’re using Instagram and the app simultaneously (even being running on the background) the two apps could conflict and cause this issue – being unable to publish content on Instagram.

To remove the app from Android just drag the app around and drop it into to the trash bin. For iPhone press hold and then select the delete applicationoption.


9. Try updating and reinstalling Instagram

As I mentioned upgrading the Instagram application can resolve a lot of the bugs that users encounter and also enhance the security of the application. It is possible to update the app via Play Store as well as the App Store in accordance with the type of device you are using.

I would rather reinstall the app may work better than updating. It erases all data from your phone and minimizes the chance of problems such as Instagram won’t allow me to post.


10. There’s something wrong in your Account

Instagram will not hesitate to shut down accounts permanently or for a period of time for a short period of time if the user has violated their rules. If you are unable in resolving the posting issue it could be because you’ve violated their policies in a specific way and you could be barred from posting new content.

Here are some possible reasons to be banned:

– Utilizing third-party apps to boost followers, likes and other things:

Instagram Influencers require a lot of work to develop a solid following. There’s no easy way to be successful on Instagram.

A lot of new Instagramers make mistakes making use of third-party tools to gain faux followers, likes and followers. Make sure that this isn’t overlooked by Instagram and, as a result of this kind of shady behavior, Instagram blocks the user.

– Not liking or commenting on posts too fast:•

Instagram bots are able to comment on related posts, as you set it up and attempt to gain more exposure. They can post and like comments on a regular basis without any human intervention. But, these frequent actions could be detected by Instagram and, as a consequence they may block users from using the features available on Instagram.

Mass Following: mass following or not following:–

Many do this. They join a mass number of followers on Instagram and then after a couple of days they unfollow them all one time or two times. They think this is an approach to gain followers, however the Instagram policy does not agree with this and considers it as a risky act and users could face suspended or even a problem like “Instagram won’t allow me to post” could happen.


Wrapping up

These are the simple solutions to Instagram will not allow me to publish issues. It’s just a matter of trying and determine which one is the best fit for your needs. Follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll be able post photos and videos to Instagram and again.

I hope this article can assist you in finding the solution to this issue.

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