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Technology has certainly changed our lives, but do you ever think about how much time you spend in front of the computer? A few hours, half a day? And how many times have you picked up the phone to do something and then found yourself on the newsfeed of your social channels? 

Research has shown that we use the phone more than 50 times a day. 

This routine has an impact on our days, promotes increased stress levels and sleep disturbances, and takes away a lot of time from our daily schedules. In a recent survey, a third of our users also said that one of the bad habits to eliminate before going to sleep is the use of digital devices. That is why it is advisable to limit the time we are in front of a screen! We give you some tips on what you can do to facilitate digital detox.


Here’s Why You Should Do A Digital Detox

In addition to the fact that spending too much time in front of the screens damages the eyes, we have become addicted to the sense of acceptance that social networks give us. Our brain releases dopamine in response to the approval we receive via social media (alike on a photo on Instagram, for example kissAnime), but a lack of this substance (for example due to lack of notifications) can increase stress levels. . That’s why immediately after posting something or sending a message, we pick up the phone every two minutes: because we need to receive approval with the likes and to stay connected. 

The digital detox aims to create the sense of “mindfulness” that is awareness, being present and aware of one’s emotions: for example, knowing why one is happy at a certain moment.

What does digital detox have to do with this? Living in constant contact with computer and telephone screens distracts us and inhibits mindfulness because we come into contact with so many external factors that it is difficult to maintain a balanced perspective.

How Do You Start A Digital Detox?

1. Keep Track

“I’m not much on the computer”, “I’m not addicted to the phone”, you might be among those who believe they don’t need a digital detox, but many would be surprised to find out how much time you really spend in the company of digital devices.

Many phones, tablets, and computer operating systems allow you to track how much time you actively spend on these devices. The time we spend on certain apps can also tell us something: if you spend time with applications that are related to your work or that help you keep you fit in those spare time, 

2. Choose When To Use The Phone

What would we do without our cell phones? It’s the first thing we check in the morning as soon as we wake up and the last thing before falling asleep and that’s why not having it on hand could create anxiety and even cause sleep disturbances.  

The key to “unplugging” is to avoid having your mobile phone always available. For example, if you take public transport to go to work, instead of staying on your cell phone you could read a newspaper or before going to sleep, you could put the phone in another part of the room and not on the bedside table. 

3. Detox For Couples

Another way to get more motivated to do a digital detox would be to get friends, family, or even colleagues to do it with you. Having someone around who is not glued to a screen motivates socializing and helps reduce stress. You can go to lunch together or do some different physical activity, like squash or tennis. The detox partner will also help you when you are tempted to look at your cell phone for the umpteenth time.

4. Set Limits And Stick To Them

Taking a clean break is not easy, also because how would you use our Adidas Running and Adidas Training apps? What you can do is definitely limit the use to fixed times. For example, during meals, you might alternatively take a walk outside and forget about your phone. 


5. Make Good Use Of Your Newfound Freedom

In addition to finding yourself, you’ll be surprised at the extra free time you have during the day, when you don’t spend hours checking the news on social media. To reward yourself, you could plan a dinner, drink wine, read a book, or do a relaxing workout like a yoga session, or use foam rolling.

t is not easy to break away from online life but the digital detox serves more than anything else to reduce addiction and the goal is to understand that in addition to digital, there is another life to live outside! 

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