What is the Average Salary of a PMI-ACP Certified Practitioner

PMI-ACP certification is the best possible way of ensuring that people can enjoy very better salaries end can get the highest paying jobs very easily.

This particular certification salary will always vary depending upon the country and top countries provide people with very competitive salary packages without any kind of hassle.

Depending upon the PMI-ACP certification is the best way of ensuring that people will be able to have a very promising future opportunity and the latest available salary trends have been explained as:

  1. In the United States of America, people will be having proper access to near about 62,000-1,62,000 USD very easily.
  2. In Canada, people will be having access to 56,000-1,36,000 CAD very easily
  3. In India people will be able to enjoy 4,43,000–20, lakh INR very efficiently
  4. In the United Kingdom, people will be having accessibility to 33,000-75,000 GBP and so on in other nations as well.

The people should note down that all the above-mentioned figures are salary per annum.

The certified professional in this particular area can perfectly work across different kinds of job roles depending upon the skills and experience.

People can very easily apply for the agile coach, scrum master, project manager, software development individual, senior project manager, Master, and several other kinds of things related to the whole scenario very easily and efficiently.

Following is the eligibility criteria to become eligible for the PMI-ACP certification:

  1. In the area of education, people need to possess a secondary degree along with a high school diploma or associate degree or globally equivalent option.
  2. In the general project management experience, people need to have access to the 2000 hours of project management experience of 12 months which has been perfectly acquired in the last five years.
  3. In the agile Project experience, people need to have experience of a minimum of 1500 hours or eight months in the project teams who are directly involved in dealing with agile methodologies.
  4. People also need to have access to the contact hours in this particular area with the help of all processes.

The examination format will be multiple-choice and the number of questions will be 120. The duration of the examination will be three hours and the passing score will be always be determined with the help of psychometric analysis of the whole process. The fees for this particular certification for members will be 435US dollars and for the nonmembers will be 495 US dollars.

Who should attend this certification?

All the job profiles like product managers, product planners, quality assurance, designers, testers, product controllers, product owners, scrum team members, Scrum Masters, and several kinds of people can very easily depend upon undertaking this particular course to become successful in the long run.

Anybody who is looking to gain knowledge in the area of agile projects and understand how it has been applied or practiced in the real world should have a clear-cut idea about this particular certification. Hence, the trends of PMI-ACP salary have been perfectly explained above.

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