Wideye Potion Hogwarts Mystery

Wideye Potion Hogwarts Mystery – The term is generally also known as Awakening potion that eventually prevents the utilized from falling in sleep and on the other hand it is also used to awake someone who is sleeping due to excessive usage of drugs.

So we may conclude that it can be used as an effective and prominent antidote for some mild and excess sleep such as sleeping draught and it might have the ability to overcome the effects of the drowsiness draught.


Every type of antidote has some ingredients, in a similar context, the wideye potion has also certain ingredients which you have to keep in your mind, check the following list:

  1. Two sprigs of wolfsbane
  2. At least four measurements of the standard ingredients
  3. Six snake fangs
  4. Six dried billy-wig strigs


Stewing Instructions:

If you want to prepare this special type of product in your home without any guide, this article is only for you, for making this the method is divided into two important parts, just read it carefully and follow the guidelines:

Part 1

1. First of all, you have to add six snake fangs to the mortar

2. After adding snake fangs, now you have to add four measures of standard ingredients to the mortar

3. Now, add six dried billy-wig stings to the cauldron

4. And it is time to heat the above ingredients at normal temperature for no more than 45 seconds.

5. Then you have to crush all the ingredients in the mortar for a better experience.

6. And then add four measures of the crushed standard ingredients in the cauldron

7. After completing the mentioned process, then you have to stir it at least thrice

8. Wave your wand

9. Leave the ingredients to stew and come back after approximately 23 hours with a pewter cauldron, at least 14 to 15 hours with a brass cauldron, and 8 to 9 hours with a copper cauldron.


Part 2:

1. You have to add 2 sprigs of wolfsbane to your respective cauldron

2. You have to stir this at least three times

3. Finally, at the last moment, wave your want to finish the potion.



It is a key point to note that there is no any risk while brewing the wideye potion, but it is recommended to handle the billy-wig strigs carefully. There is nothing such an element used in the potion which causes an explosion, creates a dirty smell, or having a toxic fume.



The main and mighty effect of this potion is that it prevents the drinkers from falling asleep for a long period of time. And as we have discussed above that it might also be used as an antidote, especially for the sleeping drought.


Final words:

So, here in this article, we have discussed all about the wideye potion, that it is mostly used by the drinkers to arrange a leveled sleeping system and we have also described the preparation method, in a different way and the effects of wideye potion as well.

We are sure that after reading out this knowledgeable article, your all doubts will be cleared.



What’s in the Wideye potion?


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