Youtube Video Ideas That Will Blow up in 2022

Wanted to start a YouTube channel but don’t know which topic is best for you that will grow fastly. don’t worry because we are here and going to help you find out the best YouTube video ideas that will blow up in 2022.

2020 was the biggest year in YouTube history, Many Records Set Out Of Which Only YouTube Gaming Community Completed Over 100 Billion Watch Time. Not only this 80,000 gaming channels hit 100k subscribers, 1000 gaming channels hit 5 million subscribers, and over 350 gaming channels cross 10 million subscribers.

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I think this dada is enough to give you a reason to start a YouTube channel right now, whether you want to start a Make Tutorial, Food, Vlog, or even a faceless YouTube channel.

So let’s have a look at our list that is based on our research & data as available on the internet from various sources.


Youtube Video Ideas That Will Blow up in 2022

While making this list, we have taken care to include only those contacts who have grown very fast or have achieved a lot of numbers with stable growth.

Evergreen content is the best option as it is always searched and viewed. So there are some categories in which growth is stable but the content is useful for a long time.


1. Gaming Channel

As already discussed previously gaming category is booming fastly than other content. Everyone loves to play video games doesn’t matter whether they are kids or adults.

the only reason behind the growth of the gaming category is pandemic due to which so many creators have been grown recently. channels that were on 1000 subscribers crossed 100K subscribers and 100k-200k subscribers crossed a million subscribers within a year.


2. Tech Updates/ Review

Another all-time growing Youtube Video Idea That Will Blow up in 2022. This category is one of the fastest and long-

Tech Updates

time running categories on YouTube. because updates tech news and new gadgets never stop coming in the market.

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If you create a youtube channel in the tech category then your growth will be slow but steady growth will be maintained. You have to do regular hard work to maintain stable growth, views, subscriber, and income.


3. Cooking Youtube Video Idea

Best YouTube channel idea for housewives/ working women to start. It is also of Creative and experimental channel idea. So if you love cooking and like to make new types of dishes, then it’s definitely a great decision.

Many people like to cook and those who do not like also like to watch cooking-related videos on youtube, Facebook & Instagram. You May become a Professional Food Blogger.

You can teach to cook different types of dishes for Seasons (Winter, Sunny, Summer), Occasional and Festival too, that will bring you a different variety of dishes on your channel.


4. Makeup Tutorial Videos

One of the most famous & loved content around teenage girls & if you are also a teenage School, College-girl, or even a housewife. but have knowledge about makeup that you can share with others then it’s a perfect match for you.

It’s seasonal/ occasional content that will always change with time and people will always like to see it especially women. There are so many video ideas that you can follow to create great content such as – Daily makeup, Marriage/ Party makeup, Festival or occasional makeup tutorial, etc.

Also include tips to keep your skin healthy, Pimple free or some products recommended for each skin type.


5. Fashion Video Ideas

Fashion Video Ideas

Fashion tips, Dressing sense, Occasional dressup recommendations, Seasonal dresup, etc are the trendy topics for every season & occasion.

Fashion is a trend that changes with time, Season, and occasion. When what, and how to dress up is the is an answer for people. Everyone wants to look good and that’s why they think more about their dressing sense.

What to wear during Winters, Summer, Rainy, School, College, or Office that will make you stand out than the rest.


6. Lifestyle/ Vlogging

Nowadays Vlogging is becoming popular. Even vlogging channels are growing fastly whether we talk about Moto Vlogging, Adventure Vlogging, family vlog, or else.

everyone loves to see adventurous and new places which they have never seen in real life. That makes them curious to watch more videos about the same.

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in the last few years due to pandemic family vlogging is on peek. So many creators like – Saurav Joshi vlogs, Flying Beast, Ellie Thumann, etc switch their content to family vlogging & saw amazing growth.



7. Diy Stuff Will Blow Up

The most creative and shareable content around the web and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This is one of the most viewed content on youtube that attracts everyone to click & watch.

That is why the 5-Minute Crafts youtube channel stands in the top 10 most subscribed youtube channel’s list. This shows you may achieve huge success through your creativity, Imagination & skill.

It only requires a creative thinking mind and a passion to create something new with the regular stuff.


8. How to/ Tutorials

Problems never end, with increasing technology, gadgets, and development, new problems are also created. This is also an evergreen category that gives you stable and natural growth slowly.

It could be a tutorial or problem-solving video such as “How to install window 11 in your pc. Just keep yourself up to date with the latest technology and trends. also what people are searching around the web.

Find out the best one for your content, solve a problem or give a brief how-to tutorial to do that.


Wrapping Up!

Before getting started, you must keep in mind that you can only grow through your content. So choosing content that you’re interested in and having related information is the best Youtube Video Ideas That Will Blow up 2022.

So which one topic you found relatable & going to start today let us tell in the comments section, we’d love to hear you from.

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