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Yum The Boss
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Yum The Boss was born in the United States on 12 April 1973 , At this time her age is 50 years old as of 2023 and has been making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Yum has worked with some of the best production companies and has won the hearts of many with her amazing performances. But do you know what makes Yum even more special? She’s also a mom and has a wonderful family. Want to know more about her?

Who is Layla Jenner?

Oops! It seems like we made a little mix-up. We’re talking about the dazzling Yum The Boss, not Layla Jenner. Yum is a super-talented actress and model, lighting up our screens with her fantastic performances.

She’s starred in lots of movies and worked with some really important movie-making people. But guess what? She’s not only an actress, she’s a mom too! Isn’t that cool? She manages to do all of this while taking care of her family. Yum The Boss is indeed a boss lady!


 Yum The Boss
American Actor and Model
Debut Year
Date of Birth (DoB)
12 April 1973
50 Years
Birth Place
United States
Home Town
United States

Early Life and Education

As a little girl, Yum was always full of energy and imagination. She was born in the United States on April 12, 1973, and enjoyed playing make-believe, often pretending to be different characters.

This love for storytelling stayed with her as she grew up. In school, she was always excited about drama classes and loved being on stage. Her teachers noticed her talent and encouraged her to dream big. Yum sure did! She studied hard, practiced her acting, and look at her now! A real-life movie star!

parents and siblings

Yum comes from a sweet family that always cheered her on. She is very close to her parents and siblings, but she likes to keep her family away from the limelight. While we don’t know their names, we do know that they’ve always supported Yum.

They encouraged her to follow her dreams of acting and modeling, always there for her during auditions and rehearsals. Their love and support helped Yum become the boss lady she is today!

Yum The Boss Husband and Boyfriend

Oh, we see you’re curious about Yum’s special someone! Well, just like her family, Yum prefers to keep her personal life private. It’s her secret, and that’s okay. We all have our little secrets, don’t we?

What we do know is that Yum has a big heart, full of love for her family. So, whether she has a husband or boyfriend, we’re sure she cares for them very much! After all, Yum is not only a great actress, but she’s also a loving mom and an awesome boss lady!

Yum The Boss Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Yum The Boss is like a superhero, right? Just like superheroes, she has some pretty cool numbers! Born on April 12, 1973, Yum is 50 years old as of 2023. She’s got a fit body from all her acting and modeling gigs, but sorry folks, we know her weight is 67kg or height is 5 feet 3 inches.

Yum also has stunning looks that light up the screen. She’s got pretty eyes, shiny hair, and a smile that could make your day! So, even without knowing her exact numbers, we can say Yum The Boss is super awesome, don’t you think?

Yum The Boss Career

Ever wondered about Yum’s cool job? Well, Yum The Boss is a superstar in movies! She works with the best people in the movie world to make magic on the big screen. Just imagine, she gets to play dress-up, pretend to be different characters, and tell amazing stories! She’s also a model, so she gets to walk on long runways and wear beautiful clothes.

Her work is tough but also lots of fun! Yum’s hard work, talent, and sparkling personality have made her a big hit in the entertainment world. Isn’t she amazing?

Yum The Boss Before fame

Before Yum The Boss became a big movie star, she was just like you and me! She went to school, played with her friends, and had big dreams. She loved pretending to be different characters, just like when you play with your toys.

Even back then, people noticed how good she was at make-believe. So, she worked hard, practiced a lot, and followed her dreams. Just like how you practice for a big game or a school play. And guess what? All that hard work paid off! Just like in our favorite stories, Yum The Boss became a real-life star!

Yum The Boss Social Media Presence

Yum The Boss is also on social media, just like your favorite cartoons and games! She uses it to share behind-the-scenes peeks of her movie sets, her fun modeling shoots, and even her cool family time.

Sometimes, she also posts about her favorite books, food, and toys. It’s like getting to know a friend! Remember, it’s fun to follow Yum and other stars online, but always ask your parents before you go clicking around.

Yum The Boss Net Worth and Achievements

Yum The Boss has earned from her cool movie and modeling jobs. Though her net worth is estimated to $1million, we know Yum is very successful! And, she has won lots of awards for her fantastic acting.

Just like when you win a prize for doing something great at school. Yum The Boss is not only rich in money, but also rich in talent and love from her fans. Pretty cool, right?

Yum The Boss Legacy and Impact

Yum The Boss is not just a star, she’s a role model too! She shows us that with hard work, we can make our dreams come true, just like she did! When she acts in movies or walks on the runway, she inspires other little kids to be brave and follow their dreams.

And as a mom, she teaches us about love and caring for family. So, Yum’s not only making a big splash in the movie world but also leaving a lasting impact in our hearts. Yum The Boss is truly bossing it!


  •  Reading: Just like you, Yum loves diving into magical books.
  • Cooking: Yum enjoys making yummy meals for her family.
  • Traveling: Exploring new places is always exciting for her! Arts and Crafts: Yum loves creating beautiful things with her hands.
  • Playing Games: Whether board games or video games, Yum loves having fun with her friends and family. Just like Yum, you can find joy in your hobbies too!

Favorite Thing 

  •  Books: Yum The Boss loves reading! It’s like going on an adventure without leaving home.
  • Pancakes: She enjoys cooking and pancakes are her favorite! Yummy, right?
  • Traveling: Discovering new places and meeting new people is always a joy for Yum!
  • Arts and Crafts: Yum finds joy in creating beautiful things. Maybe she makes fun art just like you do!
  • Games: Whether it’s a board game or a video game, Yum is all in for some fun!


Wondering about Yum The Boss? Here are some questions you might have

Does she have any pets? 

We’re not sure, but we bet if she does, they’re super cool!

Can I watch her movies?

 Always ask your parents first, but we’re sure they’ll enjoy her performances too!

What’s her favorite color?

Hmm, that’s a secret. Maybe it’s your favorite color too! Remember, it’s fun to learn about stars like Yum, but it’s important to respect their privacy too!


And there you have it, buddies! That’s our friend Yum The Boss! Remember, she’s not just a star, she’s a supermom too! Yum’s story teaches us to dream big, work hard, and always be kind.

So whether you’re acting in a school play, reading a fun book, or just being you, keep being awesome! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next big boss! Just like Yum, you’re special and full of talent. So keep shining, little stars! Thanks for joining us on this fun journey. Catch you on the next adventure!

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