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Zayden Banks
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Zayden Banks, who is 10 years old, just like you! Zayden is known for being the son of Lil Durk, and he is always in the spotlight because of his dad’s fame. 

He comes from a big family with five siblings, and his dad loves to show off their special bond on social media. Today, we’ll learn all about Zayden, including his net worth, age, height, weight, relationship status, biography, and even his family.

Who is Zayden Banks?

Zayden Banks is an awesome 10-year-old kid, the son of famous rapper Lil Durk. He is known for being super excellent, just like you! Zayden comes from a big family with five siblings, and his dad loves to share his memorable moments on social media.

 He is a playful and energetic kid who loves to have fun with his friends and play his favorite games. Zayden is also a big fan of yummy food and loves trying new things. He’s got a great sense of style and always looks fabulous. Stay tuned to learn more about this amazing kid!


Full name
Zayden Banks
Date of birth
5 November 2013
10 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign
Place of birth
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A
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Real Name and Where is Today?

Zayden Banks, known for being the super cool son of rapper Lil Durk, has a real name like you! His full name is Zayden Banks, but he goes by Zayden for short. Today, Zayden is living his best life, enjoying his childhood and spending time with his family and friends. 

You can often find him playing games, exploring new places, and having fun adventures. Zayden loves being in the spotlight and is always ready to show off his relaxed style and playful personality. So, watch for Zayden because he’s making memories and spreading joy!

Early Life and Education

Zayden Banks had a fun and exciting early life filled with love and support from his family. He was born and raised in a big family with five siblings, which made his childhood full of laughter and playtime. Zayden’s parents always encouraged him to explore his interests and pursue his dreams. 

When it comes to education, Zayden attends a regular school where he enjoys learning new things every day. He has a great group of friends who he spends time with during recess and after school. Zayden is a curious and intelligent young boy who is always eager to discover new things and grow as a person.

Parents and Siblings

Zayden Banks is lucky to have a fantastic family! His parents are Lil Durk and his mom, India Royale. Zayden also has five awesome siblings with whom he loves spending time. He has two older sisters named Bella and Willow and three younger brothers named Zayda, Skyler, and Willow Jr. 

Zayden Banks

They all have a special bond and love playing together. Zayden’s dad, Lil Durk, is always there for his kids and ensures they feel valued. They have a lot of fun adventures as a family, and Zayden is grateful to have such a fantastic group of siblings and parents.

Zayden Banks Friends

Zayden Banks has many friends he loves to spend time with. He has friends from school who he plays with during recess and after school. Zayden is a friendly and outgoing kid, so it’s easy for him to make new friends wherever he goes.

He also has friends from his neighborhood with whom he rides bikes and plays games. Zayden believes that friends are important because they make life more fun and exciting. He loves having friends with whom he can laugh and have adventures. Zayden is a great friend and always makes sure to be kind and supportive of those around him.

Favourite Food

Zayden Banks has some favorite foods that he loves! His taste buds crave a variety of delicious treats. From juicy hamburgers to cheesy pizzas, Zayden enjoys indulging in yummy things. He also has a sweet tooth and can never resist a scoop of creamy ice cream or a slice of chocolate cake.

 Zayden is always excited to try new dishes and flavors and loves discovering new restaurants and food places with his family. Food is a big part of Zayden’s life, and he takes great pleasure in savoring every bite of his favorite meals.

Zayden Banks Favourite Games

Zayden Banks is a big fan of playing games and having fun! Some of his favorite games include tag, hide-and-seek, and soccer. He loves the thrill of chasing and being chased in the title and the excitement of trying to find the perfect hiding spot in hide-and-seek.

Zayden also enjoys playing soccer with friends and showing off his fancy footwork on the field. Playing games brings him joy and allows him to bond with his friends and create lasting memories. Zayden’s playful spirit and love for games make him the life of the party wherever he goes!

Zayden Banks Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Zayden Banks is a 10-year-old bundle of energy! At his age, he stands tall at 3 feet 10 inches and weighs about 50 pounds. His lean and athletic build makes him perfect for all the games and adventures he loves. 

Zayden has short black hair and captivating brown eyes that sparkle with curiosity and excitement. His infectious smile and playful personality make him hard to miss in a crowd. 

Zayden loves to dress up in fabulous outfits that reflect his vibrant personality. Whether rocking stylish sneakers or sporting a funky hat, he always looks effortlessly cool. With his youthful energy and lively spirit, Zayden is a unique kid!

Zayden Banks Before Fame

Before Zayden Banks became known as Lil Durk’s super cool son, he was like any other kid his age. Zayden had a fun and carefree childhood filled with love and laughter from his family. He spent his days playing with his siblings and making memories with his friends. 

Zayden didn’t worry about fame or being in the spotlight. Instead, he focused on being a curious and energetic young boy, eager to explore the world around him. During these early years, Zayden’s playful spirit and love for adventure began to shape him into the amazing kid he is today.

Zayden Banks Career

Zayden Banks may only be 10 years old, but he already has a promising career ahead of him! While he may not have a traditional job like adults, Zayden constantly learns and grows. He loves exploring new interests and hobbies, from playing soccer with his friends to trying art projects. 

Zayden’s playful and curious nature has allowed him to develop many skills and talents. Whether singing, dancing or even acting, Zayden is always eager to try new things and see where his passions take him. With his infectious energy and natural talent, the sky’s the limit for Zayden’s future career!

Zayden Banks Parents Net Worth 

Zayden’s parents, Lil Durk and India Royale, have had successful careers in their respective fields, contributing to their overall net worth. Lil Durk is a famous rapper who has released multiple hit songs and albums. Indie Royale is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. 

While the exact net worth of Zayden’s parents is estimated to $5million, it is safe to say that they have achieved significant financial success. However, for Zayden, focusing on his dreams and aspirations is more important than his parents’ net worth. He is a talented and creative young boy with a bright future ahead of him.

Zayden Banks Future Plains

Zayden Banks has a bright future ahead of him! With his playful and curious nature, he has the potential to excel in any path he chooses. Whether becoming a professional athlete, a talented musician, or a successful artist, the sky’s the limit for Zayden. 

He is already passionate about exploring new interests and developing his skills. Whatever he decides to pursue, one thing is for sure – Zayden will continue to bring joy and excitement to everyone around him. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things he will accomplish in the future!


  • Playing video games: Zayden enjoys playing video games and gets excited when he discovers new games. He loves the challenge and showing off his gaming skills to his friends.
  • Drawing and coloring: Zayden has a creative side and enjoys drawing and coloring. He loves to create his unique artwork and often gets lost in his imagination while working on his masterpieces.
  • Playing sports: Zayden is a big fan of playing sports, especially soccer and basketball. He enjoys the competition and the chance to work as a team. He loves the feeling of scoring goals or making a great play.
  • Collecting toys: Zayden is passionate about collecting toys, especially action figures. He loves to line them up and create epic battles and adventures with them. His collection keeps growing, and he always looks forward to finding new additions to his toy family.
  • Dancing: Zayden loves to dance and express himself through movement. He enjoys trying different dance styles and often puts on little shows for his family and friends. Dancing makes him feel free and happy.
  • Reading books: Zayden is a bookworm who loves getting lost in the pages of a good story. He enjoys exploring different genres, from adventure to fantasy and always looks for his next favorite book.

Interesting Facts About Zayden Banks

  • Zayden does cartwheels well and can do them repeatedly without getting dizzy.
  • He loves going on adventures with his family and discovering new places. Whether hiking in the woods or going to the beach, Zayden is always up for an experience!
  • Zayden is a big fan of superheroes, and his favorite is Spider-Man. He loves dressing up as his favorite superhero and pretending to swing from buildings.
  • He has a secret talent for telling jokes and making people laugh. Zayden loves seeing the smiles on people’s faces when he tells a funny joke.
  • Zayden enjoys listening to all kinds of music, but his favorite genre is hip-hop, just like his dad. He loves dancing and singing along to his favorite songs.
  • He has a collection of toy cars that he loves playing with. Zayden spends hours racing his cars and pretending to be a race car driver.
  • Zayden is a massive fan of ice cream and could eat it daily. His favorite flavor is chocolate, but he also enjoys trying new and unique flavors.
  • He loves learning about different animals and dreams of becoming a zookeeper one day. Zayden is fascinated by their behaviors and habitats.
  • Zayden is a fantastic friend and is always there to support and encourage his friends. He believes that friendship is one of the most essential things in life.


How old is Zayden Banks?

Zayden Banks is 10 years old, just like many of you!

What does Zayden like to do for fun?

Zayden loves playing games, exploring new places, and having fun adventures with his friends and family.

Does Zayden have any siblings?

 Yes, Zayden has five awesome siblings: Bella, Willow, Zayda, Skyler, and Willow Jr.

What is Zayden’s favorite game?

Zayden enjoys playing tag, hide-and-seek, and soccer. He loves the excitement and fun these games bring.

What does Zayden look like?

Zayden is a playful and energetic kid with short black hair, captivating brown eyes, and a big smile that lights up a room.

Does Zayden have any favorite foods?

We’re still determining! Stay tuned to learn more about Zayden’s favorite foods.

What does Zayden want to be when he grows up?

Zayden has a bright future ahead of him, and he has many interests. It’s too early to say for sure, but he has a lot of options!

How can I become friends with Zayden?

Zayden is a friendly and outgoing kid, so be kind and approachable! You never know; you might become good friends with him someday.

How can I keep up with Zayden and his adventures?

Follow Zayden and his dad, Lil Durk, on social media for updates on their latest adventures and family moments.

What makes Zayden unique?

Zayden’s playful spirit, curious nature, and loving family make him unique. He brings joy wherever he goes!


Zayden Banks is a super cool 10-year-old kid who has captured the hearts of many. With his playful personality, love for games, and fantastic sense of style, he has brought joy and excitement to everyone around him. Zayden is lucky to have a loving family and amazing friends who support and encourage him every step of the way. 

As he continues to grow and explore his interests, the sky’s the limit for this talented young boy. We can’t wait to see all the fantastic things Zayden will accomplish in the future. Keep being awesome, Zayden!

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