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Guide To Nest Security Equipment: Level Up Your Home Security

Nest Security Equipment
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Google Nest home security is widely recognized as being among the best DIY options currently available. You can purchase kits that include both their Nest Camera and Sensor for considerably less than their counterparts from competitors.

Nest Security equipment is widely considered one of the best DIY options on the market, yet you may not understand everything they can do. In this blog post, we will go into greater depth about its various functionalities.

Nest Security Equipment

1. Cam Indoor

Are you searching for a security camera that won’t clash with your decor? Look no further! The Nest Cam Indoor may just be what you’re searching for!

Designed to blend into any room seamlessly thanks to its stylish appearance, this popular gadget from Nest provides peace of mind at a glance – and not just with appearances either – as its sleek and stylish appearance effortlessly blends in.

In terms of functionality, however, the Nest Cam Indoor provides even more peace of mind; the two-way talk capability lets you chat directly through it.

Night vision keeps watch on the activity at home while instant alerts are delivered directly onto your phone whenever anything happens in real-time at home – now THAT is peace of mind you can see! 

2. Cam Outdoor

Need peace of mind that everything outside is under control while you’re away? Nest Cam Outdoor provides the answer with its weatherproof camera!

Live and full-color images show exactly what’s happening in your yard, driveway, or wherever else it is placed without false alarms due to wind and noise interference; and its night vision keeps an eyeful watch over even your darkest nights for you so that day or night your outdoor space is safe from potential danger!

Now relax knowing it’s always covered!” 

3. Temperature Sensor

When combined with your Nest Thermostat, a Nest Temperature Sensor will monitor the temperature in your home so you know if any adjustments need to be made.

Any major fluctuations in temperature or humidity will trigger instant notifications sent directly from the sensor itself to your phone. 

4. Nest Protect [Smoke + CO Alarm]

One feature that sets this device apart is its ability to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide.

Thanks to its built-in sensors, Nest Protect can measure these levels throughout your home so you always know if something is amiss – as well as alert you instantly via text or phone alert when detected! 

5. Nest Detect

Nest Detect can be your home’s silent guardian! Working seamlessly with the Nest Secure system, this handy little device acts like an effective door and window guard – alerting you if any doors or windows open unexpectedly when they shouldn’t have.

Now you can rest easy knowing your Nest system is keeping an eye (or sensor) out even when you’re away.” 

6. Nest Protect [Secondary]

Nest Protect’s secondary motion detector works just like any other motion-activated device would; with one important exception.

When motion is sensed, the floodlight comes on automatically to notify those responsible of what caused it before entering through their door again. Thus enabling them to deal with whatever has caused an alarm before doing so again. 

7. Tag

Nest Tag stickers make it easy to add a unique flair to your home with personalized flair.

Simply apply and remove from any surface easily; and best of all, they won’t trigger the alarm if they come into contact with sensors during false alarms, making these tags great for pets as well as helping kids find their way back home by giving one of them one as a keepsake!


The Nest Guard is at the core of any security system. It’s a tabletop device featuring a touch screen and two buttons; with just a swipe on either screen, you can easily disable or enable alarms in your home.

Double tapping one of them will activate it; long pressing will let you easily silence an accidental alarm during sleep times when everyone needs their rest.

As is evident by now, the Nest security equipment is very comprehensive, offering everything necessary to make sure you feel safe in your own home.

What’s great is that all this comes in an attractive package to blend right in without being obvious or bulky; not only does the system function efficiently but it looks great too!

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