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Anime Dot Arts Copy and Paste
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When we are talking about anime dot arts copy and paste, it means art for those who are aware of this art, but for those who don’t know this art, these are just images made out of dots.

The most important type of art related to dots is Braille art (the raised letters), other than those anime text art is also of much importance.

Dot art was popular once, but they are not efficient nowadays. This art is hard to come by as most people are unaware of where to get those dot arts.

Animie Dot Art
Fig 1: Anime dot-art


How to make anime dot arts copy and paste

Making an anime is not a child’s game, this is a complete set of systematic and illustrating a world. Here we will discuss how can we animate the anime.

Start your project full of energy and draw your ideas in an animation program, those are easily available free on the web. You have decided in what manner you want the world to look like.

Draw your characters/sketches in the respective animation program, and concentrate on matching of your sketches and the final product.

In the end, you will feel that you have matched the characters and the world.

How to make your own dot art:

For this, we require some pieces of equipment, listed below:

  • Canvas board (required surface for art)
  • Some shades of different colors (to make the art more attractive)
  • White paint
  • Paintbrushes (for mixing colors)
  • Some measurement tools (scale, rounder, etc…)
  • Varnish
  • Dotted art tools

There are various kinds of dot arts we can make like pointillism, in which we apply small strokes or dots of color on the surface, as a result, can make distance blend and resultant is image formation.


Fig 2: Pointillism


The other type of dot art is Mandala art. It has origin basically from aboriginal Australia. In the Sanskrit language, the word Mandala means a circle representing the universe.


Mandala Art
Fig 3: Mandala Art


Australian cricket Jersey with Mandala Art
Fig 4: Australian cricket Jersey with Mandala Art


Simpler braille art generator for Instagram/Twitter:

One can create braille art very comfortable that is compatible with Instagram and Twitter by using the following generator

Braille ASCII art: Click here

To generate compatible art for Instagram, you have to upload a small image that shouldn’t be complex with colors and pixels and set the width to 20. It is important to note here that the width of the image should be 20 if you want the dot-art to fit on the comment box of Instagram.

When you want to post a comment, it would be best for you to leave the very first line empty. If you don’t do this your ID/Username will automatically be added to the first line of braille art and it will conk out the dot art.

In the same way, we may generate this dot art for YouTube as well. There are dozens of Braille art and text generators, but only a few work perfectly.

How Do I Make My Own Dot Art

And among a couple of tools, is that one on GitHub. Below is the picture that I attempted to convert to some Braille.

So as to find the best outcome you are going to need to tweak all the “Red”, “Green”, and “Blue” choices you will see from the linked website. Here is the best outcome I managed to get to the preceding picture.

Here is the Outcome:

Note: They have simplified the instrument, therefore the above instructions aren’t valid anymore.

No matter some graphics won’t ever give fantastic results due to their color compositions. Generally, it’s much better to use monochrome pictures or a few other pictures with readily distinguishable colors.

If you are looking for an ASCII art generator, you may try these platforms.

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  • Ø

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